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Who Are We?


We are a CALLS-TO-ACTION blog. Writers can grumble as much as they want about the state of the world as long as they tell us what the f we can do about it!


If you are one of those delusional radicals who thinks change actually happens, WELCOME HOME. We don’t have time for defeatists. Collectively we create change, that’s history. Otherwise we’d still be dinner.


We give you out-of-the-box, easy, even entertaining ways to do a bit for the better. Actions speak louder than words. And we have to be loud. So let’s knock our heads together, let’s call out the bullshit, let’s set some wheels spinning.





Do you have experience of the prison system in the UK or abroad?

PWDT are working on a big feature on issues surrounding the prison system and incarceration.

Whether you’ve been through the prison system yourself or you’ve worked in it, DM us or email miels@peoplewhodothings.co.uk