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Brexit & the Constitution


Part 5: Brexit & the Constitution

Lucy Harris Brexit

Article by Mathilda Mallinson

Illustrations by the lovely Lucy Harris


No prizes for guessing what tops voter priorities this election: Britain’s unending, undefined, unfulfilled, unpopular and most of all undignified exit from the EU. For anyone voting strategically according to this polarising issue – or morbidly curious about the future of this little empire where the sun once never set – here are the major manifesto proposals for Brexit. Closely connected, the UK’s constitution is also in for a shakeup.


For Our Future’s Sake is the youth mobilisation campaign working to secure a #People’sVoteParliament in this imminent election. Their motto: ‘Don’t get mad – get organised.’

If you are mad about Brexit: click this link.

There is a lot you can do to help them.


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