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Written by Miels
May 17, 2018

Weekly Collection


Every week we’ll be grouping together a list of our favourite new opportunities for you guys to get involved with. Some are linked to our articles, others are here simply because we think they are brilliant. Whether you want to get involved in a cause at the casual click of a button, you have an hour a week to fill, or you’re looking for a new and exciting job – keep looking to see what’s on. 


Sofa Activism:


Cressida Cowell (Author of How to Train Your Dragon / The Wizards of Once), with the National Literacy Trust & Hachette School


Cressida Cowell’s Free Writing Friday


Cressida’s aim with Free Writing Friday is to inspire children, once a week, to write whatever they feel like in a designated book and explore creativity. “What makes this notebook special is that NO ONE is allowed to correct it. Your spelling and grammar and handwriting doesn’t matter in this book. What matters is that it’s a place for ideas and for FUN. Spend 15 minutes a week (or longer – it’s up to you) writing, or drawing in it. You can write stories, or notes from any exciting facts that you’ve found, or drawings, or comic strips, or ideas for films or little pictures of characters. You can write about books you’ve read or films that you’ve watched. This is YOUR notebook, and you can put whatever you like in it.”


Join a Movement:


The Mix


The Mix offers free, confidential support for young people under 25 via online, social and mobile. It touches on the major mental illnesses and also self-esteem, bereavement and approaching counselling. You can get involved with The Mix by volunteering in online and offline positions. There are opportunities to offer support via their Helpline, either onsite or from the comfort of your own home, you could help run their nightly, live web chats to support young people in an online environment. Or you could join their in-house counselling team. The majority of  volunteers are trained using e-learning courses from which you could receive badges and in some cases OCN qualifications (worth A* to C at GCSE level).




Garden Organic


Ellen has convinced her family to start composting – here are all the tips for you to get in on it too. Around 40 percent of the average dustbin contents are suitable for home composting. Here you’ll find tips on everything you need from how to make your own compost bin, to mythbusters: all your composting questions answered.






Ourmala provides a safe space to breathe and heal for people who are refugees and asylum-seekers, including survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery. Specialist trauma-informed yoga, a welcoming and supportive community plus other wrap-around services. They are crowdfunding to raise funds to open a Happy Baby Community in South London, which will enable many refugee and asylum-seeking mums and babies access the care and support they so desperately need.


New job!


The Children’s Literacy Charity


The Children’s Literacy Charity provides high quality one-to-one literacy interventions for children and young people who need help with their literacy.

They work with: children, parents & schools and their goal is to see all underachieving children recognise their value and achieve their true potential.

The Children’s Literacy Charity is currently looking for Community Literacy Lab Tutors to work in the South London area. If this sounds like the thing for you – apply here.






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