a poem

for Earth Day
Written by misc
April 22, 2018


Waste is a waste:

A clutter of cups,

A plastic on lips,

A crackling wrapper,

A suffocated bloom,

A full bin to the brim,

A tumbling bag,

A crunch underfoot,

A paper hole,

A mess



The world is becoming full of waste. As an individual you can easily act to reduce your waste consumption just by giving your actions a bit more thought. Throughout the day think about all the times that you produce waste as part of your life, and think before you accept waste:

1. Do you need a bag?

2. Do you need to buy this exact product considering the amount of packaging it comes in?

3. Can you reuse the packaging?

4. Can you recycle the packaging?


Be part of the movement – as you start to make a change support your friends and family to do the same!


This year, Earth Day is campaigning to end plastic pollution. You can join the campaign to end plastic pollution HERE; download a useful plastic pollution action toolkit and make use of their plastic pollution calculator.


Hannah Jump


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