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The aim is to build a community of positive thinkers who believe in change, by bringing into contact the people who want to help but don’t always know how, and the organised initiatives in need of manpower: charities, movements, collectives, etc. Within our publications there is scope to direct readers to organisations, to rally action for campaigns, and to give voice to important messages. To this end, we invite collaboration from charities who can advise us about how to guide action, who have events and campaigns to bring to our attention, or who wish to publish material on our site. Contact:



If you would like to contribute, artistically (writers, artists, graphic designers, film makers) or otherwise (e.g. to request a specific topic for research, to advise about events or social enterprises, to share a short and uplifting story), we welcome your voice. Please submit a short bio and a sample of your work or pitch to


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Do you have experience of the prison system in the UK or abroad?

PWDT are working on a big feature on issues surrounding the prison system and incarceration.
Whether you’ve been through the prison system yourself or you’ve worked in it, DM us or email us at